Introduction To Today's Class

To begin today's class, we'll be using the Visual Ranking Tool by Intel. To use the tool:

1. Visit this website:
2. Click on "Student Log-In" (on the right side of the page).
3. Use the following information to log in:
  • Teacher ID: darrendraper
  • Team ID and password according to the following chart (click to enlarge):

4. Click "Sign In" (bottom right of form).
5. Click the link for "National University - What would you like to focus on today?"
6. Drag the items into your preferred order (most desired at the top, least desired at the bottom).

Pay Attention

While viewing Pay Attention, I felt like I am in the dark ages when it comes to technology. I realize that students today are much more experienced with all kinds of technology than I am. I have made baby steps in an attempt to update my abilities in this area. But I have a long ways to go. I teach in an elementary school and I do not see cell phones and ipods and other gadgets like teachers do in the secondary level. I also teach in a school where many students still do not have these things because they cannot afford them. For these reasons, I have been slow to jump on board with using technology in my teaching. I think it is an excuse and I could be benefitting my students by using more technology. SH get with the program!

Reflection on Pay attention

It was very thought provoking. I agreed with many of the aspects and ideas however, I also thought it was oversimplifying a complicated problem of incorporating technology in the classroom. Although I would like to increase the technology in my classroom as yet another way to reach my students.

Reflection on "Pay Attention"

Amazing and wonderful... yet seemingly hard to reach. I admittedly loved watching it and I got very excited about thinking of all the cool things I can do. I really would love to do all of that! But, I feel frustrated immediately because I don't know how to do it and feel that this will be a tremendous learning experience for me. I loved the ideas of using the technology that the kids already know and use all the time in regular class stuff. That is very exciting to me. I hope that I will actually use them and not be afraid of getting outside my comfort zone. So I say, bring it on techno man. I'm ready.

Pay Attention Reflection

I agree with the video. I do want to use more technology in my classes. It takes time for me to create the assignments. I did do a geocache and that was fun and the kids really enjoyed it, but we didn't really have the time to get into it as much as I'd like.

Pay Attention Reflection

For this introductory assignment, please view this video (below), then create a post to this blog in which you reflect on what you thought of the video and teaching with technology.

Click here if the video won't start for you (alternate link).

Reflection on Pay Attention

I would love to incorporate more technology into my classroom. I, however am asked to follow a very specific special ed reading program. It does have a technology component. I do have block days when I could do more. Any ideas how to involve students who do not have cell phones or ipods?

Reflection on Pa Attention

I think it is exciting to think about accessing our students through the medium they always use. I would love to have a reason to ask them all to get out their cell phones, ipods, etc. and see the look on their faces! They would think I was the coolest teacher. How do you control the texting and other misuses though?

Reflection on Pay Attention

Most of my 5th grade students don't have cell phones. I'd like to learn more about using this technology, but I'm not sure the availability 10 year olds have to ipods, etc.

Reflection on pay attention

I agree with the video, but the problems that I usually encounter with students using technology is trying to keep kids off of the games on the internet, stop them from sending emails, and parents. I have some parents that still do not have computers and Internet access so they get upset when their students have to finish something at home or do research on their own. I then remind them about access at friends homes, neighbors, libraries and the school. They still get upset. With phones and Ipods, there are still students that don't have these, especially lower income students. Then they get upset that you are discriminating against those that don't have money. Also there is a lack of time. I teach three different subjects in three different rooms. There is also a lack of computers that are accessible to my students and our wireless can barely handle the teacher laptops.

Reflection on Pay Attention

I would love to have a copy of this presentation to show my administrators! It was very motivating; I want to incorporate these ideas in my class. It's a bit intimidating, though, because the students know so much more about using technology than I do, and I don't know how much time it will take to keep using it. Are there liability issues for messages being sent/privacy issues?

Reflection on pay attention

I like the idea of using the technology the students are so proficient in and expanding their knowledge of the positive uses they have. I struggle with the rules and regulations imposed by the school and district that discourage this use in the classroom. It would be interesting to see how students could shine if they were allowed to use things like ipods and cell phones to teach concepts to other students. I think there would be a totally new level of engagement, application and retention of the skills we are trying to help them master.

Reflection on Pay a